About Tony

Loved Tony Aye!'s new music! It is a great blend of being fresh and new, while still giving his signature sound that we know and love.”

Anthony Avery also known as Tony Aye! is an indie recording artist & Singer/Songwriter from Baltimore,MD. Originally from Albuquerque,New Mexico Tony uses a wide variety of influences and musical styles to create unique and dynamic music with a strong lyrical base. In the early half of his career, Tony under his legal name built a career as a multi-award nominated gospel recording artist with 3 albums and many notable songs including Champion, The Great I Am, Fairy Tale, and more.However, in 2019 he decided to move towards a career as a Neo-Soul & Pop Artist. When asked why he said "All of my life i've tried to promote confidence in who you are and in being the most real version of yourself. In order to do that I needed to be in a space where I could embrace every side of me without worry or fear of judgement.  Tony has performed all over the east coast as well as south and seen success with airplay on various radio shows,outlets as well as some TV appearances. Tony is using his new platform to embrace all of who he is as a proud Black and Gay man as well as a Teacher and public speaker. Tony uses the motto "Music Without Limits" to describe his commitment to his art and creativity as he accepts no barriers or boundaries to what he can and cannot do. Be sure to like,follow,share and subscribe and stay up to date on all news related to Tony Aye! It's so important that I represent all sides of me in my music." Tony is currently working on his debut album as a mainstream artist and hope that his love for music and soul shines through.  Be sure to like,follow,share and subscribe and stay up to date on all news related to Tony Aye!

What a blessing Tony Aye! has been to my life and the lives of the audience of The Voices of Faith Power Hour Radio show. His music and his enthusiasm is captivating, soothing, electric, all at the same time. ”

— Tina A. Hobson , Hostess, Voices of Faith Power Hour