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Anthony Avery V.S. Tony Aye! 

Today I saw my monthly listeners on under my gospel artistry(Anthony Avery) which has been active since 2014. And my new Pop/Soul Artist Profile as Tony Aye! Which has been live for 3 Weeks with my debut single "Nobody But U". Sometimes you are doing the right thing but in the wrong environment. This has really been the year of self discovery unfiltered, unbothered and uncontested. There is no going back from here and I'm at peace with that. I appreciate Anthony but from now on #CallMeTony #TonyAye #NobodyButU #Growth

Say Hey To Tony Aye! 

This past year has really been a crazy one. I saw some amazing highs both professionally and personally with music and family stronger that it has ever been. At the same time I reach news lows with growing difficulties in my battle with depression and unfairly losing my job of 6 years and having to rebuild from scratch. I went through so many emotions the past year Joy,Love,Hurt,Pain,Anger..... lol lots of Anger. Then one day I came to the conclusion that I couldn't stay in that space forever. Yeah crazy things had happened but what was I going to do about it. More important if I claim to use so many things as healthy and positive outlets why does it work. Then it hit me IT DOES WORK you just keep clinging to these unhealthy elements in your life. Just let them all go so that's what I did and I've been happier ever since. In my music this translated to realizing that I want to create music that can truly shine and reflect who I am ...  ALL of who I am. So I am excited to announce the rebranding of Anthony Avery to Tony Aye! I'm excited for the new direction and sound that comes from this and to experience the rush of being challenge in a way different from what I have known. No more watering down or filtering my sound. This Is Me, Take Me As I Am!

The Story of Breaking Free 

Ok family so I have to share this today! In December of 2014 I was broken, a shell of myself, I had no hope for life,God,people or my spirit. I was depressed,isolated,suicidal,detached from my current ministry and call. At my lowest point God told me to strike out on my own and grow spiritually and physically towards my calling and towards the life he intended for me. There were many ups and downs. I made a lot of mistakes along the way but I was genuine in my commitment to rebuild my vessel which was more than broken it was shattered. Now, in 2016 I'm finally where God wants me to be. This project is LITERALLY a reflection of the personal journey I took just to revive and strengthen my relationship with Christ. Every lyric was written straight from the source and the music came from my heart. More than anything else it's truly genuine. Honestly, this Album doesn't have to be an award winner,it doesn't have to contain the next top billboard hit or even be liked by many people. The work has already been done. My two year walk to this point has healed so many scars and created a renewed spirit. Thank you so much to everyone involved Eclectic,Tay Young,Marcina Garner,Taleah Mulan,Joseph Sothern,Ashley Boyd,Da'Jonnae Taylor,Brandon Leak and Darren Saunders for lending their various gifts and talents to Breaking Free. Also, thanks to Orion Studios,Kamese Productions, InserthEAR Productions, J2 Productions and Orion Studios for the amazing sound on this Project you took the little melodies in my head and created something amazong. Thanks to those who kept me encouraged through the many storms and trials. Most importantly, Thank you God for giving me this testimony and ministry and I pray that the message might reach just one soul,one person who feels they to walk alone,who suffers from depression or low self worth. Encourage them and help them to see you are with them. Thank you for allowing me to Break Free. ‪#‎aaverymusic‬ ‪#‎breakingfree‬ ‪#‎albumcomplete‬ ‪#‎june42016‬ ‪#‎itscoming‬ ‪#‎ifnotforyourgrace‬ ‪#‎luv4god‬ Listen To Breaking Free

The Gifts of The Future 

The most amazing thing about Ministry is the chance to use it to build up the gifts of other young Christians. When I was still working on album artwork for my new album, I was contacted the mother of my fraternity sister Allie. She shared that her daughter was an artist and she would love to draw some artwork for the album, Although the artwork for the album was complete, I agreed to let her make an effort toward the concept I had. I wasn't prepared for the beautiful canvas crafted by the young Markalya Black who did a simply beautiful recreation of my album artwork. I was so blessed by the images that not only did I get the painting but I financially sewed into her gifts(Something I feel we don't do enough when we come across new gifts for the kingdom). I was nothing short of honored to be her first official customer and I look forward to her bright future and saying that I have a Markalya Black original!! Thank you Markalya and family please support this talented young Queen and her aspirations by following her on Instagram @famous.mkart_